The Team that Makes it Happen!

Posted on October 6, 2017 by Carol Camilleri

Hey Everyone! We’re back after the very (very!) warm summer months. I’m here to give you further insight into what it’s like to be a LeoVegas employee, so you will be getting regular updates from me about what’s happening around the office from many different angles, but also a little about interesting things happening around our beautiful island.

The Operations Team & Communications Team

Today I’d like to introduce you to the Operations Team & Communications Team at LeoVegas. “Operations Team? What’s that? What do they do?” I hear you ask. The Operations Team are the guys who are responsible for most (if not all) of the fun stuff that happens at LeoVegas – but also make sure that things around the office keep moving smoothly – today we will focus on the fun things they do for the Malta office. Operations and Communications sit in the same room, and are absolutely inseparable! This lively team is currently made up of 5 members (right to left):

  • Roderick, Head of Communications – and prankster extraordinaire
  • Kristen, Operations Manager
  • Paul, Operations Assistant, focused on office maintenance
  • Lisa, Operations Coordinator
  • Charlene, our beaming Receptionist and the newest member of this team

This creative bunch is responsible for warmly greeting each and every person, be it employee or visitor, to our offices every day – and we must say – they do a damn good job! Here at Leo, we are convinced that what makes us different from other companies is the warm, fun and friendly approach to everything we do… and this team are the ones who are responsible for organising the fun stuff that happens around the office and that that has such an impact on the culture and the great work environment that we maintain here at LeoVegas!


Even planning is one of the many tasks entrusted to these guys.

One of their biggest challenge every year (and their proudest moment I would say!) would be the Summer Summit. So much planning goes into this much awaited day of the year! You can learn more about what happened in the 2017 Summer Summit here. The next massive event that we are looking forward to now is the Winter Summit which will be happening mid-December – more on that in a few months. Apart from the two big events of the year, the Operations Team are kept busy with at least one after-work event every month – each month being differently themed. Some of the themes we’ve seen this year have been very creative! We’ve had a Burgers and Beer evening, an Italian evening, and after works to celebrate the 1 year launch of our Sportsbook and the opening of our very own Chambre Separee – our branded Live Casino Studio.


Employees playing black jack at a LeoVegas work event

Other Fun Stuff

This lovely bunch is also behind our Friday breakfasts, the occasional fika, and much much more! About a month ago they kindly thought of bringing a few massage therapists into the office and we had about 10 minutes to relax and unwind at the hands of these skilled people.

The Operations team are also highly involved in putting together fun activities which give something back to the community – here are a few examples of these events:

Other than that, these guys are the ones who make our offices look welcoming, cosy and still maintain an element of lightheartedness. They have done some great things with the dullest of office spaces! Level 6, for example, has gone from being a drab, grey, unwelcoming space to being a foresty, cosy area which makes a great working and meeting space. More recently, we have taken over the last remaining section on Level 7, and this has been turned into a beautiful work space for our Affiliates team!

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Until next time!

About Carol Camilleri

Carol Camilleri is one of the Recruiters at LeoVegas and has been with the company since June 2016. Carol is Maltese, very chatty and social, loves anything with a good story (especially films), is an avid book collector, a Tool lover and has recently taken to trying to capture the most beautiful things in this world in pictures.