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Posted on October 20, 2016 by leocareers

Say hello to our Head of Sportsbook

When Andreas Bardun joined LeoVegas within the position of Head of Sportsbook in July this year, he came from a competitor 100 % focused on sportsbook. LeoVegas was an appealing workplace for many reasons, one being Andreas having the opportunity to build our sportsbook from scratch. Andreas, a well-known and experienced sports enthusiast in the industry, saw great potential for LeoVegas sportsbook due to the technical history as well as the mobile focus. “Sport is mobile and LeoVegas is king of mobile”.  Great things could be done, and great things have been done since. At LeoVegas Andreas, together with staff, has had the opportunity to try out new and fun ideas, an opportunity that naturally does not exist in larger, well established sportsbook operators.

Say Hello to our Head of Sportsbook at LeoVegas

Sportsbook at LeoVegas

Since May this year we have had our sportsbook up and running, and last week we brought it to our German market!  As it turnes out, LeoVegas’ roots being a tech start-up together with our mobile focus has enabled the development of one of the fastest sportsbooks out there! And this only in a couple of months.
You can imagine there is not a quiet moment over at the sports team…

Sports Hub – the centre of LeoVegas sports

There have also been some great challenges along the way. LeoVegas is a brand strongly anchored in casino. Andreas has therefore since the start been working hard on establishing a platform within the organisation where sport ideas could be shared, information could be stored, and creativity could flow. Because the essence of a great sportsbook is just that – creativity. Sportsbook goes way beyond Champions League and NHL, at LeoVegas we take it to the US elections, features of the new iPhone 7 as well as betting on Pogba’s haircut. “There are a million opportunities with sportsbook, one just needs to choose the right one”.

The Sports Hub is an area in the centre of the office with cool sport features such as a lawn instead of regular floor tiling, sport shirts hanging on the walls, and the very heart of it – an all sports meeting room! The meeting room table is actually an air hockey table, we have a basketball hoop, boxing gloves and a pool themed clock on the wall. All employees are welcome to hang out in the Sports Hub talking about last night’s sport event, discussing creative ideas regarding what to bet on, or just learning more about the sports product. Do you want to learn even more about our sportsbook? Click here!

Sports Hub at LeoVegas

Learning about sportsbook

In my previous blogpost I wrote about how we are a company that is always hungry to learn. I also proposed that to stay healthy, we need to stay hungry. When it comes to sportsbook, the same goes. To facilitate the learning of sportsbook within LeoVegas as well as creating an interest for sports, the Head of Sportsbook will soon host internal training sessions for all employees – both on a basic and an advanced level. So as an employee at LeoVegas, you can start your sportsbook career soon. The importance of sportsbook is just that – to facilitate creativity as well as learning in-house, because therefrom the best ideas are produced. The bet about Pogba’s haircut during the Euros came from just that – an internal competition about crazy bets.

Why Sportsbook at LeoVegas?

Well, there are two why’s I am referring to.

First of all, why did LeoVegas start Sportsbook? There are several reasons for that. First of all: sport is fun! LeoVegas is all about entertainment and sport is all about entertainment. The second reason is that we want to offer the player a full experience. Many casino players enjoy betting on sports and many sportsbook players enjoy playing casino, so the player should not have to change provider when changing between casino and sports. The third reason is that we want to grow, and adding sportsbook to our product portfolio is a growth opportunity. The fourth and final reason is as I mentioned before – LeoVegas is king of mobile, and sports, is all about being mobile. So we have the opportunity to provide sportsbook players with a better offer than other providers.

And as I mentioned before, we have, in only a couple of months built one of the fastest sportsbooks on the market. And we will not stop with being one of the fastest, our aim is to be the fastest sportsbook. Another angle is the personalisation of the sportsbook. We know that our sports players are picky, so we will aim to create a sportsbook that is highly personalised.

These two goals bring us to the second “why” – why you should work at LeoVegas with sportsbook. If you want to be a part of building the fastest and most personal sportsbook in the market, you should definitely join us. Find the position among our listed positions!  

So that was a little bit about our sportsbook – I hope you enjoyed it and carry on betting!

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