Healthy employees – healthy company!

Posted on September 7, 2016 by leocareers

Lets talk health at the office!

Well, it’s the foodie here again. However this time I would like to promote the healthy lifestyle we enjoy at LeoVegas. And when I talk health, I will not talk about diets and detoxes. At LeoVegas, a healthy lifestyle means healthy employees. That’s why LeoVegas are investing in it’s employees’ well being in several different ways. For me, a healthy lifestyle means eating tasty and high quality food, doing yoga and enjoying beach life as well as having a lot of fun. Thats a vision of health I share with my employer.

To start the day, a tasty breakfast!

To start your day, a big, yummy breakfast is needed. Fortunately, that is served at the office on Fridays. Here you’ll find a wide range of fresh fruit, yoghurt, granola, and fresh juice. Also healthy sandwiches are served for those who are a bit more hungry. You can also make your own sandwich choosing from a wide range breads and delicious toppings. After this kind of breakfast, I’m all set to get on with my day. All other days of the week, we can choose from yoghurts, nuts, bars, fruit and fresh juices.

Healthy sandwiches served at LeoVegas on Friday morning for breakfast

Work, work, workout!

Besides eating, some exercising is needed for a healthy lifestyle. However, I am not the “high intensity” kind, so for me some yoga or a powerwalk is perfect. As you could see in the previous post by Alexander, LeoVegas offers it’s employees the opportunity to do yoga at a gym near by the office. The yoga class is held on Friday’s and it is the perfect time to find you center and reflect over the past week. If this sounds like total nonsens to you – the gym also offers high intensity classes ;).

Well time to eat again – lunch!

So, after a workout it’s time for my favorite activity again – eating. This time in terms of lunch. There is so much good food here at the island of Malta – fresh fish and shellfish, fresh pasta, the maltese bread and dips… Well you read about that in my previous post, so I will not go over all that again. However, I usually want something fresh and light for lunch so I can keep the energy going all day. Just look at this beautiful and fresh treat – caprese salad – will definitely keep my spirit up all day and it is delicious!

Healthy and tasty lunch with my trainee colleagues

Work hard and have fun!

All employees at LeoVegas work hard everyday why it is so important to stay happy and healthy. And when you have all the right conditions to do so, there is no reason why you shouldn’t. An important source of health is also to have fun. Not only outside work, but also during working hours. That is what I really enjoy with working at LeoVegas, the balance between fun and the high level of professionalism at this company. As a CMO trainee, you work very hard contributing to, and learning about, the organization every single day. But you also have a lot of fun – here laughing with your trainee colleagues while enjoying a healthy lunch.

Enjoying a nice lunch and laughters with my trainee colleagues

So, thats was a little bit about my vision of health and the healthy lifestyle that is promoted here at LeoVegas. Before I leave you, I will share this really cool video which really highlights the healthy lifestyle of our company. Enjoy, and stay healthy kids!

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